miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Proyecto Experimental Progreso de Entorno

Greetings Citizens of the World

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Estus bela se ni havis pli da Idiomoj en Komuna

Wii are proud to inform you Wii have deviced a Plan to Address the Global Crisis.

Wii currently Develop within a system that viciously exploits our basic needs, if Wii are to overcome successfully our present condition, Wii must Educate ourselves before taking the next step, for a system to be selfsustainable, each one of its individuals must be equally capacitated and selfsuficient.

Our Current Educative system is Flawed in many ways, Primarily the lack of common sense.

Basic education Must focus on being able to satisfy our prime needs by ourselves.

Wii must learn medicine, and study our anatomy, so Wii can know what Wii are and how Wii function.

Wii must learn to take what Wii need from Mother Nature with respect, Wii will comprehend how to plant an orchard with our bare hands, to attend it with simple tools and in the end, able to exploit large fields with HiTech agricultural Equipment.

Wii must also learn Nutritional Science, how to transform the corncob into a delicious arepa.

To Achieve our goal Wii must work together, utilizing efficiently every resource that knoledge has awarded us so far, this transition will progresively transform our social structure.

LIFE and EVERYTHING within LIFE is a CYCLE, some of them are good, some of them are bad, some Wii should RECYCLE, some Wii must BREAK.

This New Reality is already underway, when you feel a bit out of sorts, a bit disconected, perhaps doubting the entire construct of the future, just breathe it out, let doubt blow through you like you are a chainlink fence, soon Wii will be all used to the new social structure.

The bumps and bruises of birthing this new reality will be like a child who falls and scrapes a knee, nothing to get exited about, no big reason for concern and certainly no need for drama, just live each day with gratitude and respect each other, a year from now, Wii will all look back and see how far humanity has come.

Our Top Priorities are HAPPYNESS, EQUALITY and ORDER


I love you all

Stand by for further details.

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